The 3rd International Conference on the 
Physics of X-Ray Multilayer Structures

3-7 March, 1996
The Village at Breckenridge Resort
Breckenridge, Colorado

If you didn't make it to the conference, you can at least have a look at what you missed at the Sunday welcome reception. Sadly, these photos capture only a few of the 60+ attendees; apologies to those of you who were there, but didn't find your way in front of the lens....

Salim Abdali and Joe Pedulla:

Jim Eickmann and Maureen Stellmach, our cheerful registration staff:

The French Delegation - Marc Cilia, Pierre Dhez, Chantal Khan-Malek, Mourad Idir, and Hugues Trambly:

Eric Fullerton, one of the very many Eric's in attendance at PXRMS'96:

The German Delegation - Ulf Kleineberg, Hans Peisl, and Hartmut Metzger:

Two more Erics - Gullikson and Louis:

Chantal Khan-Malek and Chris Walton:

Eva Majkova, Anita Madan, Ilwon Kim, Scott Barnett, and Rob Cammarata:

Ivan Schuller, The Fullertons, Theodore Zhu, and Charlie Falco:

Our own Jon Slaughter and, once again, Chantal Khan-Malek:

The back of Regina Soufli's head (it was all she'd permit!):

Dan Stearns takes time out from a very serious discussion with Eberhard Spiller to indicate just how much he likes Breckenridge:

Charles Tarrio and Eberhard Spiller:

Hugues Trambly and Mourad Idir:

Jim Underwood and Steve Vernon:

Jan Verhoeven and Eberhard Spiller:

Steve Vernon:

Chris Walton, Joe Pedulla, and in the center, the elusive Regina Soufli:

Mari and Masaki Yamamoto:

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